My name is Alexis Fagan and I am a senior at Plymouth State University. I am majoring in Communication and Media Studies with a focus in Professional Communication.

PSUWIH ’19-’20

Along with Communication and Media Studies, I am very interested in Graphic Design. Unfortunately, I discovered this a bit too late, so I wasn’t able to minor in it. That doesn’t stop me from doing what I enjoy, though. In my little to no free time, you can catch me editing pictures for friends just for fun along with doing different projects that I can find. I hope I can do something with graphic design in my future.

Being a student athlete takes a lot of commitment. On top of balancing a social life and school work I have, practices, lifts, and games, which all take up a a lot of my time. Throughout my four years of being a student athlete I have gained the organizational and time management skills that will benefit me after I graduate.

Contact: arf1019@plymouth.edu

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